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    Hi All

    Could someone explain(preferably in depth) how I could wirelessly pick up a signal from one of these to my laptop. Reason being, lately we have had a speight of car thefts in the area. I was planning on mounting the sensors either side of the drive then when they are activated I would receive a signal to my laptop.

    I'm sure this is simple enough for 90% of the people who are members unfortunately I am in the other 10%. I would really appreciate any help I can get!

    Thanks in advance


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    Considering that the unit is hardwired to sound an "alarm" when the beam is broken, you'd need to reprogram it to do something else.

    It seems that it's a pretty simple device. I'm reasonably certain the state of the IR beam is binary: either on or off. Reprogramming it to do something other than emitting the alarm tone should be pretty simple, assuming you have the knowledge to do so.
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      It's not simple. You would have to build/buy/connect the alarm signal to some sort of device that transmits a signal wirelessly. Getting that alert to your laptop would require some sort of interface to either the net or the wifi device on your computer and software to process it.

      Look into the wireless web cams that have motion detection built into them. I believe they come with software that signals you if something in the picture moves.
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        Could the wireless blipper like you have on a car alarm be used to transmit a siganal?


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          Well i simple way would be to intergrate it to a microcontroller such as arduino... arduino is simple to use and within minutes could could do it... splice the positive wire of the speaker and attach it to one of the digital pins of the arduino with a 5v regulator and arduino can be programmed in just 5 lines to output the signal to ur laptop... however just for the curiosity.... why do u want it to send a signal to ur latptop?...u wont be in ur laptop your whole time.. wont it be better if it signals with a big sound rather than a signal which u might miss when ur car is being stolen?


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            It should be wired to the taser mounted under the steering column.
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