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Advice on what to use for wireless connection

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  • Advice on what to use for wireless connection

    I'm new to the CarPc world but not with cars or computers. Wireless connections kinda. I'm trying to figure out what would be best to use so I can get a good connection for basic web surfing and music streaming. I can go either USB or pci card. not sure which is better. i was looking at sprint cards and usb hook ups only because that's my cell phone provider, but then i would get screwed into paying a monthly bill on that i believe. also thought about throwing a router in there but then thought that might be bulky and would that work at most times? any ideas?

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    If you want a connection while driving, there are a few options:
    - Pay for a connection card through Sprint (or anyone, but they're all the same price per month, and you already have them)
    - Add "phone as a modem" to your phone now (while connected, phone calls will probably route to voicemail only)
    - Add a line to your existing account with "phone as a modem" on it so you don't miss any calls
    - Boost mobile trick (check the sticky)
    - Wifi Card, try to get signal as you drive.

    The most reliable and secure would be either the phone as a modem or the connection card since you're receiving a direct connection from the ISP, rather than routed through a wifi hotspot. It's a little more expensive per month, but that is something you have to evaluate. Is it worth that much every month to pretty much guarantee a secure connection?
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      In my opinion USB will be better coonection for networking.
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        Originally posted by angelinalove View Post
        In my opinion USB will be better coonection for networking.
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          See if ClearWire is available in your area.

          I'm paying 29.95 a month for unlimited access for a wireless connection at 2mbps download/384kbps up. Streams video quite well! We have it here in Washington, and it beats tethering a cell phone to my carputer.

          The AC power brick on the modem outputs to 12 volts DC and can be easily wired in your car.

          I'm using Clearwire broadband in conjunction with MagicJack's softphone which can dial out and accept incoming calls to any landline or 911 service in the US. Best of all, after purchasing the magicjack for $39.95, you get free phone service for a YEAR. Once the first year is up, you pay 19.95 for each year thereafter. The free service is on calls made to anywhere in the continental US.
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