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    I thought some of Aussies on here might be interested in the new wireless internet offerings due to be offered by Exetel soon. They are my ADSL ISP and are currently testing HSPA services witrh the view to rolling out at the end of September using Optus wholesale.

    It's a pay for what you use system, were you pay $5 service fee each month and 1.5c/mb upto 1gb and 2.5c/mb thereafter. Once you pay the setup fee ($195.00 including hspa modem or $25.00 for the sim BYO modem) you can end up with a very cheap wireless internet services.

    It works out out be:
    No usage - $5/month
    50mb - $5.75/month
    150mb - $7.25/month
    333mb - $10/month

    Pretty cheap really considering you're not going to download more than a few mbs each day usually and at least you're in control of what you spend unllike the data block offerings of the other wireless ISP's.

    I'm not affiliated with Exetel at all, I'm just glad to see some reasonable pricing starting to come through!
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    this sounds interesting. I wouldn't use the net in my car very often, but it would be handy to have. With any luck, it might force a few other ISP's to drop their prices.
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      I like alot, def look into this


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        Quick one, they keep referring to it is HSPA, but isn't it HSDPA?


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          Originally posted by ContaiN View Post
          Quick one, they keep referring to it is HSPA, but isn't it HSDPA?
          I believe:
          HSPDA refers to a fast downlink but uplink packets are slow

          HSPA is fast both ways (upload and download)
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            BTW the Exetel service doesnt require a contract either.
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              This ones from the crypt but whilst were on the topic i thought i might as well post the different major wireless internet packages and speeds available in australia. The best companys to go with are the big 4 Vodafone, Optus, Three and Telstra

              Three offers 1G for $15 a month + $5 for the modem and offers speeds of up to 3.6 mbps
              Vodafone has 1G for $19.95 and $5 for the modem, there are no speeds on the website its any guess as to what it is,
              Optus' lowest plan starts from 2G and is $29.99 and includes a free usb modem with speeds up to 3.6 mbps
              Telstra offers 1G for $59 with a free usb modem or a data card and offers speeds up to 14.4 mbps

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