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Satellite technology for the car.

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  • Satellite technology for the car.

    I recently got a job at a DirecTV call center and it got me to thinking about the concept of satellite technology.

    DirecTV offers a service for people to install in their vehicles, which would be ideal for truckers, full time RVers, or parents wanting to entertain their kids on long trips, etc.

    KVH is the manufacturer of the equipment necessary to recieve mobile TV service, but the website mentioned something about satellite phone and internet service. It looks like it's intended primarily for boat owners, but I was wondering if it's lucrative to go with satellite internet for cars. If so, how would it compare with mobile broadband service offered by Verizon, Sprint, etc?

    Speaking of satellite phone, I was wondering how this works. I assume it's not up to par with a cell phone since it's not discussed a lot.
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    Problem with satellite phone and internet is that its expensive.

    The providers need to pay off the cost of launching a hunk of electronics a hundred or so k's up into the air

    In Australia, you pay about 3-4 times the price for satellite internet as you would for ADSL, with much lower quotas. For the sat phones, its about the same price, generally 2-3 times more expensive than an equivalent mobile phone.

    Sure, you get coverage everywhere, except where a tall building, or overhanging thick trees cover the signal, but its an expensive prospect.


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      TracPhone V7: $33,900 hardware only
      Subscription: $1,270/month 128Kbps unlimited with VOIP
      up to $5,270/month 512 Kbps up/2048 Kbps down 2 VOIP
      A little steep

      And as for the DTV in-vehicle, I installed one one on a customer's Escalade in 2006 and it was HUGE and ugly. Also not cheap.
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        Woah thats a huge dish.


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          huge dish? i cant tell, all i see is a huge plastic toy with hotwheels rims on it, oh yeah, and a little plastic sliver on top
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