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Streaming audio from Ericsson K800i to PC bluetooth

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  • Streaming audio from Ericsson K800i to PC bluetooth

    OK, so I've enjoyed road runner and my ericsson k800 working fairly well together. I love it when my music pauses for calls, etc.

    however, having no radio installed. I thought I'd try to steam the well working radio on the ericsson through my bluetooth so I won't have to install a usb radio or a pain in the *** car antenna....

    but I don't know how to use my phone as a audio gateway or heaset. (I've never figured out how to get sound from my phone onto my PC. is it the i have sucky Bluesoleil driver or something? Or do I need another software?

    my phone is paired up with Bluesoleil because I can use it in RR and I can use it as a remote media controller, presenter, etc....

    what I'm I doing wrong?

    I'm running XP


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    In your BlueSoleil properties, there should be a Services tab. In there, the Bluetooth Advanced Audio service should be there. When I pair up my phone with my PC and set my PC as a wireless headset, the PC realises that the phone wants the PC to relay the stream. Essentially, it uses your PC as the audio gateway. When I play mp3s, I hear them on the PC and not on the phone.

    When you pair up your phone with your PC, your phone may ask you to decide which services you want to use from the PC. Make sure you select Wireless Headset or Audio Gateway or something similar. Mine says "Hands free, Serial Port, Wireless Headset", and I usually tick all of them.
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      I remember that I have the boxes in blusoeil properties checked for audio gateway and for headset. but I don't remember my phone asking me what services when I paired it.

      also, I was never able to get sony ericsson suite software to recognize the paired phone. I have com 10 and 11 when i check blusoeil.

      maybe I should try re-pairing up my phone with pc with different settings.

      thanks for the advice.


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        I just realized...

        I think that maybe the cheap dongles don't come with fully loaded BlueSoleil software? I say this because when I click on my phone in BlueSoleil (after it's paired) the Audio gateway and head set features are not selectable but everything else is...... ?

        and even if it was selectable. How do I tell windows to allow the audio stream? i


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          My 5 cent:

          1) You need BlueSoleil 6 to get the frunctionality of PC working as headset for phone. Audiogateway service. (I beleive headset service makes the phone headset for PC..)

          2) When you right click on the BlueSoleil icon in systemtray you get a device option. Click that one and change from PC desktop into ... something else

          Not in my car right now so this is from the top of my head. And my BT is not working properly :-)
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            i have a w810i and love the phone. i really want to use it with my carpc but i dont have a bluetooth dongle yet. which one is recommended to use with this phone?

            aybody take advantage of the radio on the w810 to use on the carpc?
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              Using the radio require that you have the handsfree connected... Painful, don't you think?

              About dongle my Deltaco BT-108 with bluesoleil driver 6 has been working without to much problems. (I have tried a lot of different BT radio's) W810 or k800i is probably egal.
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