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  • Pay as you go service?

    I have been using my treo and it's data plan for internet in my car, it works so so, but between the less than perfect performance and the cost i might be getting rid of the data service. Does anyone know if a pay as you go PC card exists? I really can't justify $40/month for the occasional weather report or traffic notification.

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    I don't believe there are PAYG internet-only options.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      in australia there are heaps if you can get ahold of a usb modem and a PAYG sim as long as the apn is correct it should work fine

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        You used to be able to get a Cingular Boost phone, get a cheap talk plan (and not use it), then get unlimited data plan added to it for $19.99/mo, and configure it as a modem. Now, iirc, they charge $20 / 100 MB. Might be an option for a cheap connection if you anticipate low usage.
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