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Bluetooth: Wireless Audio to Amp?

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  • Bluetooth: Wireless Audio to Amp?

    Anyone know of a device that listens on the bluetooth stereo headset profile, and outputs RCA to an amplifier? Something I could power via 12v?

    I have a UMPC on the dash of my truck that I use as my carputer. I remove it often and am trying to minimize the number of physical wires I have to plug in to it everytime I put it back into the truck.

    Thanks for the help.


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    There's probably not something specifically for what you want to do, but you could probably hack something. I'm assuming you're trying to stream music from your phone directly to your amps? You might be able to use a bluetooth stereo headset and plug the headhone out to your amp in. Maybe something like the Jabra BT3030?

    Edit: Actually I have a Jabra BT3030 and there may be one problem with it. It does not work while charging. It does last for about 4-5 hours on a single charge, depending on usage. If you were to dedicate it for this usage, you'd probably want to setup a relay to provide a constant charge while the car is off, then cuts it off when the car is on. That way you'll always have a fully charged Jabra.


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      the motorola dc800 ($50 on ebay) would probably work for ya. I was looking to get one at one point to connect my laptop to my stereo.


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        Thanks for the suggestions.

        I'm looking to connect my dash mounted UMPC to the car audio system wirelessly so I can play MP3s, DIVX, etc through the car audio system. I'm thinking that some sort of BT hands free kit will probably do the trick.

        I'll check out that Motorola unit.