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blackberry AT commands described

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  • blackberry AT commands described

    I used hyper terminal to connect to my blackberry 8310 curve and get all the available commands, then i just used Google to look up each command, now i just need to know which commands i need to change in FreeFone to make it work, being inexpirienced with AT commands i don't know which FF needs to work.

    ATA = Answer command
    ATD = Dial command
    ATDT = Dial command using tone
    ATE = Command Echo
    ATH = Hang up call
    ATI =Identification
    ATL =Monitor speaker loudness
    ATM = Monitor speaker mode
    ATO = Go on-line
    ATQ = Result code suppression
    ATS = Select an S-register
    ATV = Define response format
    ATX = Response range selection
    ATZ = Recall stored profile
    AT&C = Define DCD usage
    AT&D = Define DTR usage
    AT&F = Restore factory settings
    AT+CBC = Battery charge
    AT+CFUN= This command selects the level of functionality
    AT+CGATT= return the modem command capabilities. This will list a few of the extended +G commands that the modem supports
    AT+CGDCONT= used to select the Packet Data Protocols and Packet Domain.
    AT+CGMI = Request manufacturer identification
    AT+CGMM = Request model identification
    AT+CGMR = Request revision identification
    AT+CGREG =Network registration reporting
    AT+CGSN = Request product serial number identification
    AT+CGQMIN = QoS profile. See
    AT+CGQREQ= QoS profile. See
    AT+CGEQMIN= 3G quality of service profile (minimum acceptable)
    AT+CGEQREQ= 3G quality of service profile (requested)
    AT+CHUP = Hang up call
    AT+CIMI = Request international mobile subscriber identity
    AT+CLAC = List all available AT commands
    AT+COPS = Operator selection
    AT+CNUM = Subscriber number
    AT+CPAS = Phone activity status
    AT+CPIN = PIN control
    AT+CSCS = Select TE character set
    AT+CSQ = Signal quality
    AT+CREG = Network registration
    AT+GCAP = Request complete capabilities list
    AT+GMI = Request manufacturer identification
    AT+GMM = Request model identification
    AT+GMR = Request revision identification
    AT+GSN = Request product serial number identification (IMEI)
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    whoa, this is fantastic

    i will be using this @ my job.
    i provide blackberry support for the user's in my company.
    i will have even more jargon @ my arsenal lol

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