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Bluetooth Auto Answer Issue

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  • Bluetooth Auto Answer Issue

    I have a Verizon XV6800 (HTC Titan, Spring Mogul) and I'm working on connecting it to my CarPC. Software is limited out there that work well with a PPC phone and is easily integrated into the front end im using on the PC. Bc of this I made a skin for the RR that controls the phone using MyMobiler and I want the audio to come over the BT. I set it up using a Belkin BT Dongle and configured the Voice Gateway feature. It works good if I want to make a call, but when I receive a call it auto answers almost immediately. (less than 1 ring) I checked all the setting and auto answer is turned off all that.

    The issue seems to me is that the PC and Phone don't make a connection until a call is started. So when I get an incoming call it then connects and I guess assumes im putting on a BT headset therefore I want to answer the phone... I need it to not auto answer... If i have the music on in the car i dont even hear it ring and before i know it someone is listening in on me in the car on the other end of the phone and i dont even realize it....

    I tested it with a BT headset. If the headset is off and I call my phone and i open the headset it answers the call as soon as the headset connects.

    Any ideas on how to make it not auto answer? Maybe something in the phone registry? Or how to make it stay connected to the computer when im in range like it would if I had my headset on?

    Thanks for any help!

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      I'd imagine it is something that could be fixed on the computer end. I have Centrafuse and the Verizon HTC Diamond, and it pops up the box to accept or reject a call when a call comes in.


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        i have searched through all the BT settings on the computer multiple times and have not found any settings to keep it connected all the time while in range. When I first pair it, it is connected and if i call the phone it will ring and ring till i answer it. Once the first call is ended it disconnects until I call it again, then it goes back to answering right away. I don't want to pair it and unpair every time i get in and out of the car...


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          Yeah, with my phone the headset icon blink a few times after the computer resumes, then pairs with the phone and pops up the signal strength and battery level icons. What BT stack are you using? CF uses BlueSoleil, maybe they have some additional tweaks?


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            im using the belkin bluetooth software that seems to use the widdcom stack. i downloaded the BlueSoleil stack but it doesnt work with my i guess ill have to go out and by another dongle and try that.