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Netmask Priority does it work?

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  • Netmask Priority does it work?

    Hi guys I have just flashed my linksys wrt54gl router with dd-wrt firmware and I was hoping that if there are any wireless techs here that might be able to help me better understand certain settings in the dd-wrt firmware.I have bought the dd-wrt special edition that you would have to pay for and i am seeing in the QOS Section that there is Netmasks Priority and Mac Address Priority.Could any of you explain to me how these features work?What I am trying to accomplish is I want to create a wireless network at home and anyone that connects to the network i want to be able to cap each users bandwidth so that 1 user won't eat up all the bandwidth..I know it is possible but i am having trouble configuring the settings...Hoping you guys might also be familiar with dd-wrt firmware...Please help..thanks..

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    so why did u have to pay for DDWRT?? lolz
    I use the free one and it has QoS.

    as for your question.
    Under Netmask Priority - u put the IP address or a range of IPs that you want to set Priority on.

    The MAC priority is similar, only u put each device's MAC address on there, can't put a range.

    What I use is MAC priority and added the PCs or device that will be Exempt.
    So I added my Tmobile @Home router to it, and my Server. (not that voip takes up so much BW, but I want it to have clear voice while im downloading my pr0ns at full speed)

    For this to work, you need to set the uplink and downlink speeds (probably the lowest that you want)

    Now, since you have the Special Edition, it has a Per User Bandwith Control feature. That's probably on a different page than QoS.


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      ok man i can't believe how i didn't reply too this great comment u made at the time.maybe i was so happy and testing i forgot to say thanks..forgive me for my bad manners....everything u said in detail is what's going on..Thanks a lot for this advice......i don't know too much the difference between the dd-wrt free one and the special cause i kinda broke out on the special edition that they have as it is my first time using dd-wrt..i was able to accomplish limiting per user bandwidth and everything..Now i can firmly say i am in charge on my network...And the per user bandwidth control works so nice...I kinda like and prefer the mac address priority,i just put in what mac addresses i want to connect to my network and i can specify the up/down speeds.Whatever speed u allocate to that connected computer is what yu get no i am sure it works 100%......i have selected the option too only allow mac addresses on that are listed,cause i know ip addresses can be changed...The only thing i need now is a 2nd protection for if in case the mac addresses get spoofed they would still have to bypass the second layer..I was more hoping to find a software that would allow me to see who is connected to my network and give me the option to block and allow them...I have tried network magic from cisco...but it was giving me some problems in windows was displaying a network printer instead of a labtop that was connected to my network.I have to try it out in windows xp to make sure.I was so happy to get everything working tops on first try,thanks to u.lot of people don't realize how important a forum is and how much u can learn...anywayz i am working on extending my wireless range..and i need some advice and confirmation on some equipment i am going to purchase.Would asks that in a separate topic..thanks again guys