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Auto-dial from resume or startup (vodafone GPRS)

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  • Auto-dial from resume or startup (vodafone GPRS)

    Hi all, I've been searching everywhere and can't find an answer. I have a vodafone USB stick with a data SIM card in it, and i'm using Centrafuse (latest version) Using Vodafone's Mobileconnect software, I can connect to the internet, and all the web-based apps (email, internet, weather) all work, but I have to minimize centrafuse, launch the software, wait for it to detect the network, then click the "connect" button, then maximize centrafuse. Does anyone know of a software that can activate the usb stick and auto-dial the connection from startup or resume so i don't have to use the vodafone software? Obviously I also have a unlimited data plan on Vodafone Italy FWIW. When I looked in the network settings for this device called "ZTE modem" the dial-up number was ascii characters (three or four rectangles and a "e" with two dots over it) so I don't know what number it's dialing. Anyone who has a device of this type please help. Thanks!

    Asus P5N73-AN Mobo/Celeron E1400 2Ghz Dual Core CPU/2Gb GEIL PC3200/120GB HDD/DSATX PS/8" Phylon TS

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    Does the modem disappear from the computer when the software isn't started?

    If not, you could use this dial up script I made. Set the DUN connection to auto-dialin on start up

    I programmed some little script through hyperterminal, that would run when you'd connect.

    If you could write such script, link it with the dial up connection, and set the dial up to auto-connect, you problem would be solved (worked for me at least)

    Here how to test:

    proc main
    transmit "ate1^M"
    transmit "at+cpin='0000'"
    transmit "at+cpin?"
    transmit "at+cops?"
    transmit "at+csq"
    transmit "at+cgreg?"
    transmit "atd*99***1#"

    Save my script as a scp file, and do the folowing
    In the property window of the dialup connection, the tab Security gives you the option to run a script. Click browse and select the script.

    In the options tab you have to unselect 'ask for password.. '

    And in the first tab the phone number should be *99#

    have fun!