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Wireless router/client settings to improve throughput? (DIR-655)

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  • Wireless router/client settings to improve throughput? (DIR-655)

    Just wondering what you guys think...are there settings in your router (or client side) that can be optimized to improve wireless throughput? Not including antenna upgrades of course.

    Im using a D-Link DIR-655 802.11n router, but feel free to share tips in general. On the carpc side, Ive got a cheap $20 300mbps 802.11n USB dongle. When Im in the garage, I can get decent transfer speeds but as soon as I park outside it takes over a minute just to transfer a 10MB song.

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    Mine pretty much stays at 270Mb, but it's only going through 1 wall. Antennas parallel to the car and the dongle is on the top of the windshield behind the top factory tint.

    All the settings are mainly default. 5GHz is disabled. Mixed (b/g/n), automatic rate, 20/40 MHz bandwidth. None of that helps improve data rate. Maybe a fixed channel since there are so many people using the frequency, but I think they channel hop anyway.