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Wifi problems with Win 7

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  • Wifi problems with Win 7

    I recently purchased a 3DSP wireless/bluetooth usb dongle from MCS...just wondering if anyone else out there had a hard time connecting to a network on windows 7 32 bit with this thing...I have the latest driver installed, everything seems fine in that aspect...just says Windows was unable to connect to network..

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    if you are using your own wireless network, try adding a static ip, subnet, gateway, and dns.

    i occaisonally have issues with certain networks/wifi adapters pulling the wrong info from DCHP (my iphone pulls a 192.168.10.*** address on a linksys access point that is on a 192.168.1.*** network, but connects fine wihtout a static ip at another location using a belkin wireless router that also uses a 192.169.1.*** ip stucture..) after staticing the info, everything usually works fine...
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      Is this a full version of win7 or one of the older betas or RCs?
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