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    Hey everyone

    Ok Here's my problem, maybe ya'll can help me out

    I have 4 computers. 3 of them desktops and 1 netbook. I have a router which works fine for the netbook since it has wifi. I bought 3 netgear N 300 wireless adapters since the router is Netgear as well and its a N 300 model so its pretty good. One of the adapters works on one of the desktops which is in one room. The problem is, The other 2 computers cant read the other adapters.

    One computer is a 6 gig ram dual core 2.60 GHZ with Windows 7. It says it reads the adapter and installs but it doesnt show the router's signal to connect to it. Same thing goes for the other computer too. One of them is windows 7 and Windows XP which i got the new version for Windows 7 to install while installing the XP version for the XP computer.

    I dont want to spend more money on this so what could be the problem?