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  • Question about multiple connections

    I have a nice little tablet pc with bluetooth 2.0 built in that I want to start using as my primary music device due to its portability and versatility.

    My question is, if I buy a bluetooth head unit will I be able to connect my tablet to my head unit via bluetooth to stream music and at the same time connect my phone to my tablet for control via Centrafuse 3? I may then possibly even need to attach a bluetooth mic and GPS to the laptop on top of all that. At other times I would like to have the tablet connected to the head unit, my phone connected to the tablet, bluetooth GPS connected to tablet, and my headset connected to the phone. My phone is a Touch Pro 2 btw.

    Is what I am wanting to do even possible? Since bluetooth supports multiple connections, I should be able to do this right? If it is, and I take a phone call will the audio transfer to my head unit from the tablet? Basically, I want control of the phone through the tablet but be able to play the audio on the head unit.

    I believe this should work but I just want to double check before I drop any money on a new head unit.