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Bluetooth audio with iPhone & RideRunner

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  • Bluetooth audio with iPhone & RideRunner

    I am currently using Bluesoleil as my bluetooth driver and its OK, at best. I have to go into my bluetooth devices (in the phone) and select the carPC's connection, and then click it. Then I have to wait for a prompt on the PC every single time to ALLOW THIS DEVICE for audio purposes, even though I check "always allow this device." Even so, sometimes I have to click it twice on the phone to actually get the Audio Gateway to connect. I am looking for a piece of software that will connect to my phone automatically when its available and activate the audio gateway so I don't need to do this every time I want to stream something from my phone.

    (I am on a jailbroken 3.1.2 3GS)

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    OK I downgraded bluesoleil to and I can now get away with only selecting the CarPC connection once (from the phone) and it syncs up the audio right away...but I still want the car to automatically connect the phone. Unfortunately I can only get the audio gateway to connect when initiated from the phone. Similarly, I can only get the personal area network to connect when initiated from the PC.
    I understand that iOS4 has fully unlocked bluetooth and I may have to bite the bullet to take advantage of this.