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Realtek 8187L USB Wifi Adapter

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  • Realtek 8187L USB Wifi Adapter

    So I have a Realtek adapter laying around which used to work great! It would pick up much more AP's than my laptop internal wifi would. One day it just stopped having such a great signal. I thought maybe the antenna portion broke internally or something. So i went on ebay and purchased a different style of this antenna but also a Realtek 8187L. Different seller, different brand, etc. And when I connect this one it is the same thing. Weak signal and my internal wifi does a better job. They both have small 5dbi or 7dbi antennas. I have tried Windows 7 and Windows XP. I have tried many different drivers. Not sure whats going on here or that they are both junk? I just have a feeling there is something setup improperly but I am out of ideas at this point. I was hoping to use one of them with my laptop CAR PC that I am building. Id rather have a strong antenna compared the stock internal adapter in the laptop. Thanks guys. please post your thoughts.