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Sierra Aircard Wake on ring?

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  • Sierra Aircard Wake on ring?

    Anyone know if the Sierra Aircard 750 or similar model supports wake on ring or wake on SMS?

    Iím wondering if I have my PC on standby is there a way to wake it up remotely?

    If I get the Aircard to wake the PC with a little extra hardware I should be able to able to unlock my doors and pop my trunk via an SMS message. That would be fun.

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    I may be off on this one, but usually WOL adapters require either a cable to the motherboard or the BIOS to monitor an IRQ. You might try setting your BIOS to wake on the IRQ that your aircard is using and see what that does for you. Remember though, this means your machine will always need power. It doesn't have to be full on running, but it will need to always have power on it.
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