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Nokia 5110 on XP?

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  • Nokia 5110 on XP?

    anyone got the dial up internet working on XP for the nokia 5110? and with what software? Nokia data suite 3.0 only claims to support win 98....
    James - The UK CarPC Forum

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    *bump i really need some help with nokia data suite in XP....... - The UK CarPC Forum


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      bump after 2 hours?

      here's a bright idea: why not try the manufacture for help?

      Although there is a forum section for wireless this doesn't mean anyone will actually know the setup for a particular phone.

      PC Suite 5.1 available from Nokia works with XP

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        2 hours? it was about a day....

        I understand pc suite needs a DLR 3 cable, i've heard data suite 2 may work with my dau-9p cable....
        just wondering if anyone was using this setup, I would have though quite a few ppl would..
        James - The UK CarPC Forum


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          Xp has a really nice Compatibility Wizard....may be worth a try.
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            what do you guys use PC suite for? Just managing contacts etc?
            Are there any add ins to allow you to dial out and answer, using PC speakers and mic?
            I really want to do that via bluetooth.


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              nokia 5110 doesn't have bluetooth....
     - The UK CarPC Forum


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                Originally posted by Jamez_Warner
                nokia 5110 doesn't have bluetooth....
                Wasnt suggesting it did, you can get PC Suite for all Nokias.