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Anyone Running Netremote/PDA/ad-hoc?

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  • Anyone Running Netremote/PDA/ad-hoc?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone was running Netremote on a PocketPC to control their carputer (preferably with a USB Wireless adapter on the carputer), in an ad-hoc configuration? I'm about to purchase the USB Wireless adapter for the carputer side, and want to be sure to buy the right one. For some of us, $50-$60 is an investment.

    My PDA (Axim X5, PPC2003) runs a Linksys WCF12 perfectly with my WAP at home. Logically the Linksys WUSB12 or 11 seems right (no wardriving here).

    I've searched, and found bits and pieces on the topic, but no definitive answer. If anyone has a system like this fired up and running (ad-hoc), I'd love to hear from you.



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    I have a X5 with an Ambicom CF wifi card, Linksys HUB in the house and Netgear usb wifi dongle in the car. My pda has no problems connecting to any of them. Iv also tried the adhoc in the car and that works fine too. I tested out Netremote and its pretty cool, but a tad bit too much fiddleing around for my likeing. I pretty much gave up the idea of using the PDA as a remote control in the car, even though i had it all setup and working. I was able to control the pc, move the mouse, control winamp etc, and also control my Sony HU and XM radio with IR. Its just easier for me to use the touchscreen, and in the end seemed like a lot of setup work for nothing. But.... if your just trying to control your music and nothing else from your PDA, Vinyl is pretty damn cool and works good.
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