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External PC Card adapter for Verizon BroadbandAccess

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  • External PC Card adapter for Verizon BroadbandAccess


    As this is my first post, let me say that I really enjoyed reading the forums in the last couple of months, I've found many useful information for my project to build my own carputer.

    Currently I have a 2003 Ford Focus ZX3. Last year I built my car audio system (Alpine, Boston Acoustics, JL Audio and Monster Cable) and for this summer I've decided to add DVD and PC capabilities.

    For the PC it will be a mini-itx-based solution, custom built enclosure in the trunk. Here comes my first question as I would like to use my Verizon 1x EV-DO net access in my car as well. I was thinking about having an external PC Card reader custom mounted in the center console connected to the carputer through a USB HUB.

    The only problem is that I simply can't find any external USB PC Card adapter which will work with any PC Card. So if you have any recommedation on what to use, or if you have a different idea on how to do it, please give me some ideas.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for the help in advance

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    you mean you found a usb to pc card adptor where ?

    I found a pci to pc card type 1,2,3 adptor at Fry's in woodland hills I was there tonight and they got a few left I am going to use it for T Mobile cellular internet it's dial up service 56K

    what is the speed of verisons broadband service ?


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      No, this is my problem that I can't seem to find an adaptor. At the local Fry's one of the sales guys remembered that they carried one some time ago but he couldn't figure out the brand.

      As for the speed of Verizon's DO service, I average what they advertize - I just averaged 400 kbps when downloaded the updated TurboTax forms which were more than 10 MBs. This speed will increase about 30-40% in my car, as it won't have to go through my company's VPN as it does on my laptop


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        If you find one, USB to PCMCIA adapter, let me know too. I don't want to carry my laptop around all the time.
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          I have the verizon broadband card & I have tried to do what you are trying, turns out that the only solution is pci, & you will also need 32 bit support & 12v capability from what I've heard & it seams the only way to do this is directly off of the pci buss, I haven't been able to find a remote mounted one that supports 32 bit. I've spent some time with verizon tech support only to find out that there are a lot of "problems" trying to use the card with a desktop motherboard according to them.

          It also turns out that broadband access is not really wide spead in ny anyway, only working in parts of manhattan right now, so I just went back to using my cell phone through usb & back to express network which bursts up to 144k & averages 60-80k for me, not to bad I guess & better than nothing, when coverage becomes more wide spread I will persue this inteface with pcmcia again, but I think the only ones that will work are going to have to be right to the motherboard.

          Another thing to consider is that when I did get my broadband card to work it drew so much extra power that it actually caused my computer to shutdown/reboot as I guess it overloaded the opus 150,(granted I am taxing the opus already & will work on suplimenting more power with an addl power supply) that was the final straw to push me back to the cell phone for the time being...
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            I also have the verizon broadband card down in Baltimore, MD. the whole county is lit up with access.

            there are *no* 32-bit USB to PC card adapters *yet*. I was also searching for one that can do 32bit and 5 volts (requirement of the verizon card). all i could find was a 16-bit one made by these guys:

            don't bother contacting them. they will not have the 32bit version out for several months:-) I had a really nice Apple iBook, but no PC card slot, so i was looking also. I sold the iBook back on ebay and just went for a Powerbook instead that had the PC card slot.

            to increase signal, i have read that the little walmart "signal boster" thing for cell phones works, or you could just get a real antenna here that is made for this card:
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              I am in Maryland as well and the service is great. It also works great in Philly and Vegas. It is a little expensive at 80$ per month. I had no idea this thing took up so much power. We will do more testing on this in the shop over the next couple of months. I think this verizon service will be a key part of car computing until sprint/nextel comes out with their competing product in 1yr+.


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                I got 2 Orinocco USB Wifi clients. (One genuine Orinocco, and one Alcatel, which is in fact the orinocco). This device is in fact a USB->PCMCIA controller, together with a PCMCIA wifi card.

                Since I could get them for only a few bucks, i bought them. However, i'm only using the PCMCIA card itself. The usb->pcmcia part is not used for this moment.

                I only don't know if thats a generic USB->PCMCIA solution, or if it's only for the WLAN cards, and also don't know if its 32 or 16bit.

                But if I have some time, i'll try to see if I can get another card working in it.
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