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need everything for a PC in car??

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  • need everything for a PC in car??

    Ok well this is what I have and what I think I want to get. Hope you guys can fill in the blanks.

    2 JBL 600.2 amps
    1 set 6.5 components GTI seriers
    2 Power seriers 10in subs
    need head unit

    befor I thought of going the pc route I was going to get the
    Audio controls
    The Epicenter

    Now I'm think PC and monitors.I want a Pc in my car with wireless network. So I can tranfer files from my house mostly. Want to play video games, movies, GPS, but mostly MP3s. Also I want to get XM radio with what ever head unit I get. I also will need monitors and everything else to make this work. I was thinking maybe one indash and two in the visors. If someone has done this to there car maybe a complete list of parts you used or something. I did a search already and I am still confused. My freind build PC but A full tower seams like it would take up a lot of space.

    Also how much did it all cost all together.

    I do have an old labtop laying around but I was going to use that for engine management and stuff and have this other pc for sound and entertainment


    This is my first post. Nice sight hope you guys can help me out.

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    Oops I think I put this in the wrong section????


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      lol, i guess its in the wrong forum. There is no set components that peeps r buying, its more down to whats right for you, theres so many roads you can go down, and it all depends how far u want to go and how much money you want to spend. If you already have some bits then this might also help you decided on some things. I would be tempted to write down what you want it to do.. then go and grab some prices on components.. ie.. lilliput screen .. etc. etc. I think which ever way you go down you will always need a screen. The lillput was prob the best thing I bought it makes it so easy to just 'touch' it and it does what it should do. The other thing you will need it a power managment system, this could be either in the form of a opus power supply for a pc or with a laptop the power is already included. other than that its just a case of seeing what handy, what u have already and what you can afford.

      sorry I cant advise you anymore.. what is right for one carputer isnt always right for another.
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        FOr the indash screen its gong to have to be able motorized so it an slip into the dash. The pc doesn't have to amazing or anything. Its only in my car but it has to be decent i was thinking under 1000 for the pc. But I think that really high. I ahve a new pc that is the top of everything and it only cost me 1500 to build it.

        I dont have any extra parts laying around so i need everything.

        power supply
        I was think one 300GHD would be more then enough
        sound card
        video card
        wireless network card
        dvd-r/cd-r drive
        TV card but i dont no if i;ll be able to pick up any station

        I also want GPs and XM radio