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  • Auto locator and more...

    Hi folks,

    This is my first post here... Hope it's not repeated (i didn't found it)

    I have to install a WiFi system in a big garage, to cover about 5 or 7 cars when they're inside, and build an application wich automatically discover them when connected.

    Since I'm new on WiFi, I just don't know what kind of AP and antenna will I need... I've seen this:

    as access point, and this

    inside each car. I think it's a good idea to have a separated antenna, isn't it?

    So now, will I need an amplifier for the AP and a bigger (maybe 'external') or better antenna? Could you give me an example?

    Related to the app, Is there any way to force Win Xp to discover each car connected and eventually open their shared folders?

    so many questions... I hope not to bother you!

    Thanks a lot,

    Miguel (Spain)

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    If you just want to communicate with the computers when they are at your garage and you already have a wireless network setup there then you should be fine. Especially if you are using 802.11g and not b. g is faster, newer, backward compatable, and has better range.

    If you are interested in making your own antenna's you can try this site:


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      Thanks a lot, I'll post photos of this big deal... :-)