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Instructions on getting FREE wireless internet from T-Mobile using GPRS

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  • Instructions on getting FREE wireless internet from T-Mobile using GPRS

    Maybe an admin wants to make this a stick if people find it helpfull.....


    Rumor has it that t-mobile will stop the free gprs soon. So far it's working......

    I have free Internet access with T-Mobile. Is that true?

    Yes. While T-Mobile advertises a $4.99/mo and $9.99/mo Internet access plan called T-Zones, it keeps an important feature of all their plans almost secrete (I did not see it mentioned in any T-Mobile brochures). That is, you still have Internet access even you do not have any T-Zones plan. Awesome is that this free Internet access is unlimited (in terms of access time and data volume) and it does not use your plan minutes if you are connected through GPRS. Although there are some restrictions with the free Internet access compared to the paid plans (e.g., only port 80 (HTTP) and a few other ports are open), it should meet most people’s needs for basic Internet access via a cell phone. Even greater is that you can also use this feature to set up your T-610 as a wireless modem to provide free Internet access to your laptop or PDA.

    Here is how to set up and use the free Internet access.

    Check if your plan includes free Internet access. It should, and you do not need to do anything to activate it. Still it’s better to check first. Go to and set up an account using your phone number. Then log in to My T-Mobile. Select Manage My Account and My Plan & Service. If the status of Included WAP Access is Active, you’re ready to go. If it’s not, you need to contact T-Mobile.
    Go to the main menu of your phone (also called desktop), select t-zones (the top middle) icon. This opens the WAP browser and connects the phone to the Internet. After connected, the t-zones WAP page will be loaded. Do not select any menu item on that page. Instead, press More to open the Options Menu and select Enter Address, and New Address. Then enter the address of a WAP site (e.g., and press OK. The WAP page for that site should be loaded. The WAP address will also be added to the Enter Address page. So you do not need to type it again next time. You can also add the address to the bookmarks.

    - What is WAP?
    Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is the technology standard that formats Internet data so that it can be sent to and read by mobile devices. Overcoming the constraints of (relatively) slow and intermittent nature of wireless links for mobile communications, together with the limited screen size and computing power of mobile devices, is the central goal of WAP technology.

    Northwest Airlines:
    Fox Sports:
    Hollywood Movies:
    FedEx Tracking:
    You can find more information from this site (not a WAP site itself):

    - What are GPRS and CSD?
    General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) refers to a new, packet-based wireless communication service that promises data rates from 56 up to 114 Kbps and continuous connection to the Internet for wireless phone and mobile computer users. GPRS allows data communication and voice calls at the same time and is “always connected" (similar to DSL). Accessing the Internet through GPRS will not use your plan minutes. However, if GPRS is unavailable (e.g., the network is down), then T-Mobile may use CSD to connect to the Internet. CSD, a.k.a. as Circuit Switched Data, is data communication over a dedicated channel or circuit assigned on a per call basis. Internet access through CSD is metered and priced by the minute like voice calls.

    - How do I know that I am connected to the Internet through GPRS and not CSD?
    Look for the "globe" icon on top of your phone's display. While it is displayed, you are connected via GPRS.

    - How to configure a PDA or laptop to connect to the Internet via GPRS (for free) with the IR port?
    Here is how I configured my Toshiba e335. I use the infrared port to connect the two devices.

    First, make sure your WAP access works. Next, set up your PDA.
    From the Today screen, tap Start, Settings, Connections.
    Create a new connection.
    Select Modem, New…
    Select Generic IrDA modem from the Select a modem menu. Click Next.
    Enter *99***?# as the phone number. This is the most important part. You need to replace “?” with the CID number of the GPRS data account you are using. Generally, if you use the GPRS configuration coming with your phone, the CID number should be "1". If you use the Sony Ericsson GPRS configurator, it should be "2". To make sure you have the correct number, go to Connectivity, WAP Options, WAP Profiles, Edit. Scroll down to Connect Using and press Select. Make a note on which Data Account is selected in the Data Accounts screen. It should either be T-Mobile GPRS or t-zones. Then back to the Connectivity menu, scroll down to Data Comm and press Select. In the Data Comm screen, press Select again.Iin the Data Accounts screen, scroll down to the data account selected in WAP Options and press select. You should see the CID number of the selected GPRS data account in the next screen. Also make sure the number is a local number, i.e., the country code and area code match the local setting in Dialing Locations.
    Click Next, Finish.
    Click OK to save the new connection. You may need to check Dialing Patterns in the Dialing Locations tab to make sure that no prefix (e.g., 9, 1, area code) will be added to the phone number when dialing (usually, you should set "G" for local calls. not something like "9,1FG").
    Now you can connect your PDA to the Internet. First activate the IR port. Then place your phone and PDA properly so that the IR ports on the both devices face each other and are not apart from each other more than 3 feet. On your PDA, go to Settings, Connections and select the new connection. Click Connect. Do not enter any thing in the Network Log On page. Click OK. A dialog box on the PAD will tell you if it gets connected.

    - How to configure a PDA or laptop to connect to the Internet via GPRS (for free) with Bluetooth?
    The instruction below is for Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PC PADs, such as iPAQ H1945.

    First, make sure your WAP access works. Next, set up your PDA.
    Make sure the PDA and your phone are paired. Refer to your PDA's manual on how to pair the devices.
    From the Today screen, tap the Bluetooth icon in lower right corner of the status bar. From the pop-up menu, tap Bluetooth Manager.
    Tap the device icon corresponding to your phone.
    In the next screen, tap the Actions menu and select Set as Bluetooth Dialup Modem.
    The rest of the set up procedure is the same as the one for connection via IR port. The only difference is in step 5 you need to select Bluetooth Dialup Modem from the Select a modem menu.
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    sadly i have the relatively crappy samsung 225m which doesn't have IR oh well.... USB/serial cable here i come!


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      Brain Overload!!!
      So your saying, thru your phone account, which has GPRS and wap etc, enabled, you can transfer data to and from your PC to the net thru your mobile phone? for free? awesome!
      I wonder If i can do that here in australia.??
      I have a Nokia 6610 (IR, GPRS etc) and I can install a IR dongle to my car pc.
      Is it possible? How will I know if it works, if im getting charged? just gotta wait untill i get a huge fat bill? :P
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        Yup, that's what he's saying. I was planning on using my T-Mobile bluetooth phone with my car PC to get free internet access while on the road.
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          Totally confused by this lol I have the samsung X105 no IR port but I went to the tmobile site like it says logged in etc followed directions it doesnt say wheither I have wap or not although use the built in tzones to browse like tmobiles pages game downloads etc. and when I go to tzones I dont get the more option I have select and home. anymore info on this?


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            Software and Cables for Phone to PC Connectivity.

            Hey I was at Best Buy today and found this software.

            On the box it list all major cell providers in the US and tells whether or not you can use it to back up data, ringtone compose, graphic editor, and yes, use the phone to hook up to the NET. Check it out online or in the store.


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              You know, I didn't even know I had WAP access since t-mobile acted like it wasn't free last time I called. I just got on some WAP sites using my new phone, thanks for the tutorial! I plan to get another SIM card and use my old phone for internet in the car. (some girl just gave me a nice motorola flip phone last week)
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                  if you order that software i'll give you $10 for the cable that works on my samsung 225m it looks like it does the trick

                  *double checked* it doesn't work with my phone... rats.....


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                    It works wonderfully!
                    Tested on my desktop at home. Connected at 115.2k with a T610 using Bluetooth. It seem twice faster than my friend's stupid AOL dialup.

                    Good job, Bankingdom!!
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                      I've been using it for quite a while with my Nokia 3650. I use it with Bluetooth, so I don't even need to have the phone connected to the computer! I used to just use the free wap, but I bought the full $19.99/month Internet package so I could use the extra ports for things like remote desktop and streaming audio.


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                        Hey guys. Been using free WAP from T-Mobile via my laptop/PPC for nearly a year now. The problem is that you are restricted to a small # of ports (Port 80 being the most visible). Unfortunately, since free WAP is restricted, you will not be able to access secure (https) websties via free wap.


                        There is a workaround for this. Here is a linik to a thread that describes how to setup a secure proxy server which will allow you to bypass the restricted ports available from free wap and will give you access to ALL ports. You will need a computer at home to act as a host computer (it must be left on if you would like to access restricted ports from the client computer).

                        Please check out the last posts in the above thread by me (hd54321). I wrote a rough step-by-step for a WinXP setup. In my reply, I refer to another reply in the thread (by evanichka) who did a more comprehensive writeup. Between both writeups, you should be able to set this up in no time.

                        Good luck and let me know if you need help.



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                          What about this? If I have a dial up account already, provided free from school, can I use my sprint phone to connect to that phone number and get internet that way? Will it just use my minutes up or will they charge for data transfer? I don't have the internet package on my Sprint plan.


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                            admins - Please Make This A Sticky.


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                              still working

                              Seems like T-mobile lifted the port restriction, or maybe it's just a mistake, or maybe I just got lucky.

                              I have access to all ports now, without doing the extra stuff mentioned above. Wooohoooo!
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