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True 3G Available in 4 Cities in the U.S.

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  • True 3G Available in 4 Cities in the U.S.

    UMTS (WCDMA) has been switched on by AT&T Wireless (or Cingular, however you want to look at it) in Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix and Detroit. It's only overlayed in the 1900 MHz band right now.

    So all you folks would can pony up $300 for the handset (Motorola A845 or Nokia 6651), and pay $79.99/unlimited for 230 kbps + Burst to 400 kbps (this is raw data) can now have decent Internet speeds in your CarPC.

    I don't plan on jumping on the bandwagon yet, (Seems a lot of people have WiFi spots with SSID's named 'linksys' with no WEP when I'm driving around) and sticking to T-Mobile HotSpots via my D-Link DWL-AG530 (802.11b/g/a) and GPRS Internet via Bluetooth off my Sony T68i.

    But anyone who decided to jump, let us know!

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    $79.99 - geesch, that is way to expen$ive. Sounds cool though I have not heard anything about this before. I would gladly pay upto $10 or $15 per month for something like this (in addition to minutes). Wondering when the big players will wise up and start offering legit unlimited data for a reasonable price rather than giving it away thru loopholes in their systems (VZN MOU or Sprint Vision)

    Also ATT is not the best out here (at least in my area - signal sux).
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      I can't wait for it to hit my area. Altough I'm a cingular user, I currently use a sprint PCMCIA card for my internet access (G/F works for Sprint so we get it free). It works OK, normally about 110Kbps - but I'm capped at 128MB before I start having to pay for it.

      I'd gladly add the ATT (cingular) data package and buy the card for that kind of speed.


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        i use my sprint and access is fast for my laptop especially on off peek usage times. i got a disc and usb cable and my cell with my data plan i'm stoked, plus i don't use any isp of any kind and speed can range from 100 to 230kbps. but hey i'm in my car and i'm stoked.


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          Originally posted by Kermee
          (Seems a lot of people have WiFi spots with SSID's named 'linksys' with no WEP when I'm driving around)
          Don't do that.

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            Hmm I have the Sprint card but I get poor performance in the Detroit area. I have seen ppl use the sprint network on pda's and be able to actually download at 90k/s.
            I dont know what I'm missing but mine only does 10-15k/s

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              Got the 3G cellphone service down here in Ecuador for over 6 months. I pay $90 per month, yes very expensive, sadly and ironically this country still doesn't have true cable modem and dsl connection so I had to get this 3G service to get online. Seems cool because its slow for me down here, it says its connecting at 230kps, but it only downloads at 8-12kps at max. lol

              I use it at work during the day, at home during the night, so its not that expensive, but sharing it for 3 comps is really slow. Once I get cable at home, I will be using this for my carputer, which I am almost starting to install.

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                Originally posted by EBFoxbat
                Don't do that.
                Yes, mother troll.