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T610 Owners...question for you.

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  • T610 Owners...question for you.

    I recently picked up a Sony Ericson T610 for my T-Mobile account. I am able to connect to the free WAP sites as noted in the free internet post regarding T-Mobile accounts. However I experience something a little odd.

    I can only access the WAP account once, unless I turn off the phone and turn it on again. For example I connect to the WAP network at 10 AM and disconnnect at 10:10 AM, and try to connect again at 11 AM I get an error message saying the network is unavailable. If I turn the phone off and back on I am able to reconnect to the WAP network.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    2002 Toyota Tacoma Doublecab

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    you should check your features w/tmobile; they have been cutting out free wap...dont know if you are paying for it or not, but thats whats been going on, and it may be affecting you...try going to and look under the tmobile forum for all the details


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      They cut mine today. The free wap was nice while it lasted and actually the main reason why I switched to t-mo. Not sure if I want to pay $5 per month for T-Zones, but I might break down if I don't find a way around it.


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        It is still accesible through gprs, you just have to change the wap gateway...go to the howardforums tmobile threads to find out can still get it free