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Bluetooth phone as remote control

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  • Bluetooth phone as remote control

    Search for this, I found it the other night:

    Plug-in for WinAmp let me use my bluetooth-enabled phone to control the player. On my phone, it shows previous song and title, next song and title, play, stop, pause, and a few more things....

    How would someone go about creating something like this? I assume they use APIs for a type of service. Anyone know? I would like to get into this and create some APIs for use with my phone.
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    I'm interested in writing a similar program to use with my SE T610. Right now I use a program called float's mobile agent.

    There is also a program called PcControl

    Looking at the source code and reading the forums for these programs will be helpful in your endeavors. Let me know if run across any other programs or start writing your own. Sounds like a fun project.


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      i wrote a program that did this a year or so ago, when float came out i started using that, there are old threads in these forums on this...

      Anyway the phone accepts AT commands to make menus and dialogs and stuff, theres an AT command reference somwhere on the sony erricsson site, ive got a printed copy filed away somewhere too
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        I'm working on yeat another software for car entertainment. In that I have support for remote control by bluetooth phone. For now I ony put in control for volume, start/stop play and change track in a playlist, but hey the sky is the limit... Only tested with Ericsson Z600 and an old T39, booth show the menu that my soft builds in the phone during bluetooth connection. Have to say its pretty cool feature, and with a powerful bluetooth adapter you have easy 50m range from the car.


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          I am using "BEMUSED": something really cool. It's for series 60 phone. Personnally I have a SX1 from siemens, and that was the best way I spent my money this year. I used it under XP. It works with WinAmp and windows media player. But with couple of trouble during connection and if the playlist is supported with WinAmp it is not with WMP and vice versa about other features. Now that (finally) a GPS navigation software was released for Linux (Infomap Navigator 4, also money WELL spent), I am using kdebemused server along with xmms, and I can tell you it is just a dream!!! Never had any problem with any bluetooth / USB / serial driver anymore! No lost connection with the computer that I have to pull over, grab the keyboard, and find why XP does not see the GPS or the Bluetooth phone anymore! Also the volume and song resuming work perfectly under Linux. I never manage to get this work well in Winamp or Windows media player!
          I am pleased to share this, because I spent so (to) much time trying to set XP the right way. My system is also quite minimalistic. But it does exactly what I want! (EPIA M10000 /slackware 10/SX1 siemens/Holux 210/Cherry kbd/320x240 cheap screen/blaupunkt with AUX input / bluetooth dongle).
          I already bought exactly the same hardware for my other car.