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Bluetooth phone as speaker for PC?

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  • Bluetooth phone as speaker for PC?

    I can already get the sound from my phone to come through the PC, by using it as an audio gateway, but I want to try the opposite.

    I have a hands free kit with a speaker in the car, and my idea is to use it as the speaker for navigation voice directions. In my setup when I listen to the radio I can't hear the PC, so if I could somehow send the navigation audio to the phone, everything would run smoothly. Obviously this depends on:

    seperating the navigation audio from the mp3 etc. audio
    getting the phone (nokia 6310i) to act as the audio output

    It sounds perfectly possible to me, but then I know nothing about coding
    Any ideas?

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    I do not think it's possible. If you find out otherwise, let me know! I would be interested in this too.
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      I wanted to do the same thing.. I wanted to be able to listen to my head unit and to my nav carputer at the same time.. So I solved that by connecting a small amplified speaker to my carputer.. Great I thought, now i can listen to my headunit and the computer nav voice commands at the same time..

      Well, now I want MP3 and mpeg/Divx playback my carputer. This doesn't sound too good with my little speaker hack and I want it to play through the head unit in those instances. So I ended up buying one of these:

      Perfect solution for me.. it even has a "cell phone" input.. I assume for playing your cell through your speakers..



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        How about a bluetooth headset? I don't know if it works like that, but I could imagine it would work. If you have a bluetooth phone, this could be a win/win for you. If you can connect your PC directly with the bluetooth headset, that might be your best bet.

        I have no clue if that would work, since I have very little experience with Bluetooth as of yet. But I plan on building a remote camera system that runs on it. (Low quality video feed, but enough.)

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          You could sound cards. Map the GPS software voice to a sperate card.
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            Try this:
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