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Anyone use a bluetooth headset as their PC Mic?

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  • Anyone use a bluetooth headset as their PC Mic?

    I have a Jabra BT250 headset and an Orange Micro bluetooth adapter. I want to use it as my PC mic for NaviVoice and other things. I got it recognized in my PC (Windows XP Pro SP2) and I can use it in NaviVoice. My problem is this..

    Windows automatically changes my audio playback to the headset. This sucks because then all the music comes through this instead of my car speakers. Now I can go into control panel > sounds and audio devices properites > Sound Playback > default device: and change it to my soundcard... But the next time I use my carputer and headset it changes it back.

    Anyone have this problem or a solution for me?

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    I have this problem also...
    a while back someone posted a link to some software that could save and restore your sound playback options.

    But I cant find that post at all right now...
    Does anyone know the name of that software or have a link to that post??
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      hey Vagabond you should bring back this thread...


      Heres my issue. The same as his. Whats the fix folks? im on page umpteen here!
      Thats only half true...


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        thatd be pritty cool i think i would but an extra bt headset just for this


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          Did anybody ever find a solution for this issue?


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            What are you using to play your music?

            Winamp and WMP you can set the default device in the actual software to play through your sound card.

            My BT headset does the same, but I've set winamp to map directly to the internal sound card.
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              I've actually gone and done the same things with winamp. What really bugs me though is the pause and restart that is associated with the adding a bluetooth connection but I have a feeling thats something that I'm just going to have to deal with. Actually my biggest concern with this isn't music but other sounds for programs where I'm not able to choose my sound output. For example iguidance doesn't allow you to choose output and I would prefer it speak into the speakers however if a bluetooth device is added it switches the default playback to the headset and now the voice is routed through the headset.


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                I agree, I also have this problem.
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                  is it possible to disable just the sound out of the headset? Or have a hardware profile that chooses bluetooth headset for mic and soundcard for playback? Just a thought...


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                    Their are some instances where I do want the bluetooth headset. One idea I've been thinking that would be kind of neat is with phoneco for example if you were able to get calls through the headset but then hit a button and turn the call to speaker (in reality just switching the sound output of phoneco from bluetooth headset to soundcard)


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                      I seen this on ebay it has a external speaker maybe we could route the external speaker to a HU or pc.
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                      KIAs can have car pcs too..


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                        AIVMS does what you need with its bluetooth override feature. If bluetooth override is selected, when the headset attaches and changes the output line AIVMS automatically switches it back. It works well for headsets attaching to widcomm based bluetooth dongles, and we are adding BlueSoleil support soon.
                        Vehicle based VOIP communication is a primary focus with AIVMS, and an inexpensive bluetooth headset will function as a hands free voice over internet phone when AIVMS is running.