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Nokia 6620 as a GPRS Modem

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  • Nokia 6620 as a GPRS Modem

    Okay, tried this at howardforums but they don't seem to like going out of their way to help so I thought I'd try here too..!

    I have a Nokia 6620 BT phone on AT&T with unlimited mMode. I'm trying to get it to work as a modem from my Sony Clie (Palm) PDA and, eventually, my PC. I don't have a BY adaptor for the PC yet so it's just PDA for now.

    I was told to change the init string to ATZ and when I did this worked a couple of times but now the PDA always says it cannot find the modem, even though when initiating the connection the phone and PDA hook up (the phone asks if I want to accept the connection from the Clie).

    Anyone have any experience with this and getting these things to talk to each other, specific to this setup or generic? Help?!