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  • WiFi Component Checklist

    I'm looking to set up a wardriving vehicle. I think I'll need the following components. Tell me if I'm missing anything, and if you can, tell me where I can find them, eh?

    Linux-friendly (specifically SuSE) PCI WiFi card (I have a D-Link DWL-520 rB1, has anybody used it in SuSE?)

    Amplifier of some kind that runs on auto 12v (help me out here)

    Omnidirectional antenna (I'd prefer magnetic mount)

    Interconnects to link card -> amp and amp -> antenna, gold-plated ends (to resist corrosion)

    I live in Canada if anybody knows of any decent local suppliers. Duties crossing the border are just murder.

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    Do you seriously want to put $150 down on a wifi amp??? I think someone said it in another thread here - the amp will allow you to transmit at the amplified bandwidth but it all depends on the AP to send the info. out to you.



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      do dlinks allow you to connect an external antenna? i love my orinoco card.
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        maybe its just cause i live in a highly populated area but i'm only runnin a compex usb adapter and i pick up at least 12 strong signals on my way to work. Its amazing how many people just leave connections unprotected. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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          Amps amplify in both directions.

          The AP makes a difference, but you will notice gains with an amp regardless of the AP.
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            Originally posted by hijinks21
            do dlinks allow you to connect an external antenna? i love my orinoco card.
            yeah, I've got 3 of them ( edit - orinnoco gold )
            The 802.11b connects better than a USB2 Airlink 802.11G...

            What antenna do you use & do you know if the connector name for that tiny tiny plug ?



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              It's the regular old black bendy antenna, and no I don't know the name of the teeny connector. It looks suspiciously like the old token-ring BNC connectors of yesteryear, though. It's gold- or brass-plated.


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                A-ha! Looking at the D-Link spec sheet:

                "Reverse SMA connector with a detachable antenna"