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Official Car2Car Wireless LAN

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  • Official Car2Car Wireless LAN

    Just found an article on The Register about it...

    Shall we try and beat them to it.
    I'm sure we could.

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    It not a totally new concept in the auto industry. The idea has been tossed around for a couple years now in the wireless IP community on how this could be done.

    Best part I saw in the article was "won a German government grant to help develop the basis for a standard". That makes it worth while move forward, I'd love to work on the project. There are a few tough things to iron out like communication protocols and security before it could fly.

    First its' hard to establish and IP connection over 802.11 using adhoc fast enough to move any data when your only in range for 5 seconds or so. Would probably need to be broadcast beacon sort of message system or some power behind the signal.

    Security is other thing, and I don't just mean someone hacking your car computer. Just think of getting spammed with messages by some ****ed off person when you’re stuck in traffic Or better yet, a virus that kills your engine

    I do think it is a useful idea and would be willing play with it.