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how to get wireless internet for carputer?

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  • how to get wireless internet for carputer?

    I am installing a carputer in a couple months (via my friends business) and was wondering how it might be possible to get wireless internet, and how much it would cost.
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    Right now I'm using a Sierra Wireless Aircard 550 PCMCIA card for my second phone on my Sprint service. It gives me "always on" in-car internet and works OK with phoneControl as well as any CDMA phone can. As long as the internet connection is not busy, the phone can dial out and receive. I have a Jabra BT200 connected to it so whenever the phone rings I have about 5 seconds to touch the screen, put the headset on if not already, and then activate it. Around town, most times I have it on and leave it activated so I only have to hit the answer key, wait for phoneControl to send the commands, and start talking.

    PhoneControl only supports basic functions on CDMA, i.e., manual dial, local (PC) phonebook, in addition the Aircard software can be set to pop up for SMS and incoming calls. I have this on so I can see callerID cause its not passed to PhoneControl.

    Many of the internet ready phones can do this as well - some much better integration with PhoneControl. Since I already have a discounted Sprint account and I was able to get the AirCard on EBay for $20, I figured this was my best solution. I also like the idea of being able to take my computer with me with full phone/internet support whenever I leave the car.

    Monthly cost is an extra $20/month plus /MB fee.
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