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Extending Belkin 54g PCI arial

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  • Extending Belkin 54g PCI arial

    i know this has been posted before but i didn't find much about the belkin 54g. i used to be able to get a signal in my car with the standard rubber duck arial and the doors open but obviously that's not great.. uploading to the carpc was fine but netstumbling was a definite no. i was thinking about buying a mag mount arial or making one out of a pringles can but finally decided i didn't have the money

    so.. i ripped apart the standard arial and extended it up to the rear deck.. it looks great and works great aswell. i found 8 APs on a 1mile drive, 4 of which weren't WEP enabled!

    so thanks to all you guys for providing some good information
    306 CarPC
    • Fibreglassed lcd installed into dash
    • Griffin PowerMate
    • epia 800 512mb sdram
    • MediaEngine
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