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CDMA 1X Wireless access from A680 + firewall

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  • CDMA 1X Wireless access from A680 + firewall

    Hey all,

    I have a data cable for my phone (Samsung A680) and I'm in Canada here and I use Bell Mobility for voice/data service. I can connect to the 1x network overhere using #777 and my [email protected] and using my voicemail password. This allows me to connect to their network and I get billed at 20c/30kb, which is pretty pricey but not if i watch how much traffic I download.

    Anyways, I'm planning to travel to the states next week and I haven't tried roaming data there yet, the Bell customer service reps tell me that I can roam with 1x , which will likely be with Sprint PCS but I will be paying $15/meg in roaming fee on top of my traffic billing. Does anyone know if I use that "free sprint hack" that was mentioned above it would not bill me roaming, since it's probably charging me roaming by entering my username/password?

    In either way though, I don't mind paying that much, I just plan to use it to update position through Copilot live(which i doubt will use that much data to send coordinates). Also checking my email once in a while through webbrowser( I don't want attachments to be downloaded).

    This comes to my next point, does anyone know a good windows firewall( I dont think winxp firewall can do this..or I haven't found out how) that could block access to the internet from any program except that ones i explicitely set it to. I wouldn't want windows update to start and downloading 10meg updates also if anyone knows of a data bandwitdh tracker so i could monitor and record all the data i've used..that would be great.


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    mcafee has a nice firewall package
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