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  • dual band Wifi

    right guys i thought this would have been an easy question, looked through the faq did a and a and no answers

    looking at buying a laptop and have the choice of two wifi cards, only diff being
    802.11b/g 54Mbps Mini-PCI Wireless Card £35
    802.11a/b/g 54Mbps Mini-PCI Wireless Card (Dual Band) £47
    is it worth the extra £13

    can i get better wireless card for less else where?

    awaiting a flaming

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    There are few 802.11a hotspots out there.
    g is backward compat down to b so i'm not sure what bill goods you're being sold w/ that piece of advert.

    save your duckets.. get the 'G'


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      I use a G USB dongle and also a B Orinocco card.. the B card is more sensitive and has ability for added antenna and the G dongle just picks up G spots not seen by the other card..
      I use WinC to manage them both
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        thanks for the replies but you havent said weather it is worth getting the a/b/g (dual band) or the b/g will be good enough?


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          i think grepzen explained it above. there are very few 'a' hotspots out there so you will only really need b/g
          Your everyday carpc geek and tech guru at your service. *bow*


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            what does the dual band bit do then?
            is the information about "a" hot spots accurate for the UK?

            i feel really thick