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Best and chepeast bluetooth usb communicator thingy

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  • Best and chepeast bluetooth usb communicator thingy

    I need a cheap but good bluetooth device to communicate with my pc to my cellphone. I plan on using it for phonecontrol but I don't know which one to get.

    Is this a good one? TrendWare

    Anyways, thanks

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    I'm looking at the linksys dongle, but it's around $50 instead of $30.

    I just got a Motorola MPx220 and have been looking for a bluetooth dongle as well. I've read quite a bit of posts on other boards from people having problems getting some of these bluetooth adapters to work....especially the Kensington one. I haven't read anything negative about the one you're looking at, though.

    What kind of phone do you have?

    Right after posting I read a couple reviews about the dongle you're looking at.
    I'd check these out.
    - Sony XAV-7W In-Dash 7" LCD
    - Via EPIA 800MHz
    - 256MB SDRAM
    - 40GB HDD
    - Targus Wireless Remote
    - Win 98SE
    See it Here
    or Here (


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      i think we should start a sticky thread of bluetooth dongels that cause issues...
      ie- buggy, incompatible with certain applications.....widdcom/broadcom compatible.

      when looking at the cheap dongles....or even the expensive ones the vital details dont ever really seem to be listed.
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        Bluetooth™ USB Adapter, 10 meter - Overall Rating 2.5 out of 5

        Looks good at first look -may not be compatiable with SP2 - Apply coupon code 12345 for half price (at

        Here is what someone said about this product:
        i bought it the Belkin Bluetooth Adapter - 10m range. A little black thing with a flashing blue light. Works 100% of the time. Was a bit awkward to set up, as i cocked it up the first time. After that it's all gone really well and everything works - my PC being used as a headset, file transfer, synchronisation - i've only had it for a few hours as well!

        Let's hope it stays like this!!!

        I'm quite computer literate so i found problem solving with this thing easy, and getting it going - if you are less IT literate you may find it harder and think it is broke when it isn;t. Anyhow guys - good luck! You can buy it for £25 at
        But by reading the reviews at this device doesn't look too promising. According to the reviews (sorted by newest to oldest) the device isn't compatible with SP2. Only $10 less then it's 100 meter brother whichi probably isn't SP2 compatiable either.

        Time to move to the next one on the lineup.

        Cheapest price: - $34.99 w/ Free Shipping
        100m Older Brother (100m) - - $47.27 Shipped

        Linksys USBBT100 - Overall rating 4 out of 5

        Looks too be the best bet so far. Windows XP SP2 compatiable (after driver download) - 100 meter range - $45 price tag isn't too terribly high

        Great customer reviews at

        Cheapest price: - $45 w/ Free shipping

        Still need a good device... I will be doing more research, but so far the Linksys USBBT100 looks very promising.

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          Well I think I'm going to buy the Linksys Blue tooth adapter. I'll let you all know how it goes with my PhoneControl application and my file transfers between my Sony Ericsson T637.
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