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Sony Ericsson GC83 (wireless internet)

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  • Sony Ericsson GC83 (wireless internet)

    I was searching though the forum and haven't seen anyone talk about this particular option for mobile internet.

    Basically, I just came back from Cingular and they said that you can access the internet at near DSL speeds with the use of this network card. Apparently, anywhere that Cingular has coverage, you should be able to access the internet perfectly, without the use of your phone or anything.

    Does anybody know how to hook this up to a carpc (i.e. what type of motherboard/case would be required)? Has anyone had experience with these types of cards?

    Here is a link to the product: Sony Ericsson GC83

    Thanks for all your help guys!

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    Here's a picture of the internet card.
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      It's NOT near-DSL speeds. Edge is fast, but nowhere near as fast as EVDO. It's the in-between upgrade to GPRS speeds while ATT/Cingular prepare UMTS for US release.



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        Hmm ... that's pretty interesting. So then is EVDO supposed to be faster tham UMTS or are they supposed to be identical?


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          I just googled it:

          UMTS with HSDPA is expected to provide average download speeds of 400-700 kbps and burst speeds of several Mbps on select devices. HSDPA will exceed the throughput rates provided by EVDO (300-500 kbps) and provide better network latency (estimated at 100 ms vs. EVDO at 200-300 ms).


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            AT&T/Cingular has been offering UMTS to its business customers for a few weeks now. I decided to try it out, and I'm sorry to report that the speed really isn't great. This is in San Diego (Southern California) and could be due in large part to the small number of cells equipped with UMTS base stations.

            I stuck with my EVDO card and passed it off to one of our sales guys to try overseas. Let's hope the throughput on UMTS increases... It sure looks like promising technology.


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              If AT&T/Cingular is moving away from the EDGE technology, it could explain why the GC83s can be had for free...

              Even still, EDGE can't possibly suck as much as GPRS (even Class 10), with its average throughput of less than a 56K modem
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