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Help! VX6100 USB cable

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  • Help! VX6100 USB cable

    Alright guys, I bought a cheep *** cable off of eBay, and it's made for the VX7000. The cable works fine for BitPim and for internet(kinda). When I have the cable hooked up, everything works fine, and as soon as I connect to the internet using the VZW dialer (or any dialing program, Windows Dialup, etc.) the batter drops to 0 and starts flashing, the phone soon shuts down afterwards. If I unplug the cable, the battery meter slowly returns to its original state. I have 2 questions:
    1) Has anyone expierienced this particular problem? If so, what do I do?
    2) Can anyone give me a wiring diagram for the part of the cable that hooks into their phone for their VX6100?
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    About the Cable

    I looked up a cable on ebay for your phone. Here is the link.
    It lists the VX6100 as well as the VX7000 as compatible. It looks like you have the correct cable for your phone. You can try removing the battery from the phone to determine if the cable can power your phone properly. I know I have one such cable for my Samsung A570 and it can charge or power my phone from usb. Compare the voltage output of your charge to USB voltage ( 5 volts ). If there is much difference it could be the problem. If your adventurous you can try disconnecting the power wires from the cable. Just one wire being dissconnected would be nessesary I believe. You can cut the cable open and cut the red wire. This will prevent the cable from charging your phone. Hopefully this will fix the issue. However, you may just have a faulty cable. I suppose it would be wise to request the seller to send you another cable since the one you recieved hasn't worked as advertised.
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