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how do i get the basic internet

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  • how do i get the basic internet

    i am new, i have done some research but i am having difficulty trying to figure out how to get the internet to work. Is there a way that i can get the carputer to have internet that i could browse in the car anytime. I do not have a cell phone internet plan. is there any other way to do it, i may get a bluetooth phone later on, if i got that and wireless internet plan would there be a way to hook the two together and get the internet on the carputer

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    oh boy.


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      for "basic internet" you need a data-capable phone and a data enabled plan.
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        Look at the other posts, this question was asked before
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          Get a really long phone cord, subscribe to AOL/MSN/whatever and plug that into the modem on your carputer. Then drive around with that. Just make sure you don't drive too far or you will get diconnected!
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