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Bluetooth Dongle Not Working correctly

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  • Bluetooth Dongle Not Working correctly

    Hi, I have this Bluetooth Dongle that works PERFECTLY on my comptuer, but when I go to my carputer, it doesn't work at all. OK.. So, on both computers, I have the newest Widdcomm drivers installed. When I plug the dongle into my computer, it has two bluetooth icons in the system tray. One, with blue background, but a red lining, and one w/ a blue background and a white lining (meaning its working properly). I can see my phone when I click the white one, but when I click the red one, it says BT Device not found. I can sync my phone and everything through the white one too. Now, in device manager, it has two different options. It looks like this:

    + Bluetooth Devices
    - Bluetooth Bus Enumerator
    + Bluetooth Radios
    - Generic Bluetooth Radio
    - Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator

    On my carputer, it looks like this:

    + Bluetooth Devices
    - Bluetooth Bus Enumerator
    - CSR USB Bluetooth Dongle

    On the carputer, it only shows the blue icon w/ the red lining. I can't figure it out!! It's using the WIDDCOMM drivers and everything!! Does anyone have a solution? I'm using Windows XP w/ SP1, I believe. Thanks!

    Btw, I'm using the Termaltake BT009x Dongle. It's Bluetooth Class II USB Adapter. Thanks!

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    It sounds like you have some mixed drivers on your patforms. Which stack do you use which works on your home computer? If you don't know how to answer that (i.e. Widcomm or Microsoft?), how do you access the other Bluetooth devices (via Control Panel or via Bluetooth Neighborhood?)?

    For your sanity you should try to use the Bluetooth stack from the same source on both machines. And you need to make sure the versions of your stacks support the Bluetooth hardware you are using.

    Let me know if this helps.


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      have you tried to uninstall all bluetooth programs and drivers, and then reinstall it again.
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        I'm using a bluetooth dongle. I had a very similar problem that was resolved by the following guide. First, you need to right click on My Computer and select properties to identify whether Service Pack 2. I hope this guide may help you whether you have SP2 or not. second entry.

        It may help you, especially since it's a WIDCOMM driver.
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          I know how to fix this problem. If you answer "yes" to owning a Window XP machine then i can definately help you. The problem is that Micro$oft included a new software for bluetooth usage in SP2. Unfortuneately like alot of their software, it doesn't really work so the widdcomm drivers are the efficient and worthwhile drivers to use.

          If the problematic computer is Windows Xp what you have to do is press the windows button (between Ctrl and Alt) and the Pause/Break button (should be where Home, Delete and Insert buttons are) to open the system properties, goto the Hardware tab and then device manager. Open the Bluetooth Devices tree and it should say "Generic Bluetooth Radio", this is the microsoft drivers and you need to change them to the already installed widdcomm drivers. to do this all you have to do is right click the bluetooth radio and click Update Driver next put "install from a list or specific location" then click Don't search, i'l choose the driver to install on the next page. click next and you should be given two choices a digitally signed generic bluetooth driver and a CSR USB Device (might be different with different dongles though). click the other one and it should install it and it should continue to work like your other computer.
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            There is also software for any bluetooth enable cellphone that will work with Vital's OBD2 Dongle.


            I downloaded the simulation demo and if it works, WOOW

            I think the software is written in JAVA.


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