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Nokia 6600 T-Mo Bluet....ARGH?

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  • Nokia 6600 T-Mo Bluet....ARGH?

    I can connect and dial *99# on my phone and connect to it and what-not but I am unable to do anything on the computer. I can do DNS lookups but cannot communicate with any of the hosts. I checked the settings for the connection and here's what I found:

    IP Address:

    So yeah it's gotta be the fact that the gateway is the same as the IP but any ideas on why it auto configured this way? Could someone with T-Mobile copy and paste the results from ipconfig please? (or details of connected screen)

    (IP/GW change each time, phone won't let me connect if I try to specify my own settings. I also see stuff about modem scripts for OS X. There wouldn't happen to be a Windows script for the 6600? :P)

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    It coudl be that your provider do not allow GPRS Web Browsing only GPRS WAP Browsing. Check you have the correct APN for Web GPRS.


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      More happy fun (basically an excuse to bump :P)

      I forgot to mention: Internet works fine on the phone
      I can connect and browse the web on the built in browser, opera, and connect to aim through aigle messenger.
      I'm on the $4.99 t-zones plan and the access point is
      I tried the Nokia Modem Options for the 6600 provided by Nokia - no go it doesn't show my bluetooth dun connection as supported. Also tried connecting via IR and it does the same as the first problem even with nokia's modem scripts.
      So then I took a look into the scripts that were provided for Mac OSX. Reading through I decided to put the following in the additional init string field in the modem's option: +CGDCONT=1,"IP","" (I really REALLY thought that that would fix it....but of course not.)
      Nokia 6600
      v 4.09.1

      Anyone have any ideas? I'm ripping my hair out here :-P


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        Internet access via gprs (tethering via BT, IR, or cable) is generally blocked by T-Mobile unless you subscribe to the $19.99 Internet plan. I have heard of some work-arounds and such but not sure if they work. I have a Nokia 6600 and tether to my laptop regularly but I also have the $19.99 Internet plan.

        Check out this thread:


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          :/ probally true - I'm fairly sure that all of the blog articles about how to use the $4.99 plan with mac osx were older back before t-mobile enforced this. Sucks but I guess that the phone/t-mobile can tell the difference between connecting to the apn via the phone or via a linked connection. I had a crazy idea of making a program for the 6600 that would connect via bt to the computer and act sort of as a relay to do a net connection. BT sample code is available from the one winamp controller (I think thats opensource) but I think anything beyond that would be over my head right now :-P


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            **** I AM STUPID

            got it working just in time I just have to hope t-mo rolls out better coverage at my new place beacase I have to stand at a window to get a signal least it's temporary I guess.