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  • Recommendations on new phone

    My phone got stolen last night so I'm in the market for a new one. Old phone was Sanyo SCP 4900. I'm on Sprint so post up any ideas.


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    Check out Treo 650. Spendy, and the Cingular data plan is a bit too pricey for my blood, but it's an amazing phone. A friend of mine has one and, among other things, streams shoutcast music to it. It's my understanding that the equivalent Sprint plan might be cheaper.
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      Thanks, I guess I should have stated that I 'm not looking at changing plans. Anyphone can be used on any carrier though, right?


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        I'm... not sure you understood my post. The Treo 650 is available for both Cingular and Sprint. I am on Cingular, and I consequently passed on the phone because the plan was 'spensive, but as I said at the end, I've heard that Spring (who ALSO offers the phone) has a cheaper data plan, so it might be worth checking out.

        And no, it is usually the case that phones can NOT be used on with other carrier. There are exceptions (for instance, you can sometimes buy an unlocked phone that works between two carriers of the same technology, aka T-Mobile and Cingular, but you pay for the privillege).
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          Umm, not for $400.00. Probably just end up with one of their sub $100 phones.


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            In your buying criteria, look for a phone that supports Dial-Up-Networking profiles and can be used as a modem. I think Sprint has like a $15 a month unlimited data option that you could use to then have your carputer connect to the internet via your cell phone without costing you an arm and a leg.

            If the phone has bluetooth, then the whole process can be transparent too, with no wires.
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              I'm definatley going to be asking about that. I've been tracking the Sprint Hacking Thread and supossedly they are trying to limit that type access to their PCMIA style cellular modems. I'll see when I ge there.


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                I sell sprint... you cant really go wrong with any of the Sanyo phones.

                Sanyo MM-7400 or PM-8200 are probably some of the nicest Sprint phones in the lineup that are non-pda.


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                  Thanks, I'm heading to the store this morning. I was eyeballing the 8200 so we'll see.........


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                    KAI, what can you tell me about this paln I found on the Sprint site:

                    For a minimal monthly charge, Sprint PCS Business ConnectionSM Personal Edition gives you all this:

                    Secure, remote, real-time access to Microsoft® Outlook® or Lotus Notes® information – including email messages and attachments, calendars, business directories and personal contacts.
                    Access to documents stored on your desktop PC.
                    Personal email from Internet email accounts including Sprint PCS Mail, Yahoo!, Earthlink and more.
                    Our unique connection sharing technology doesn't require you to keep your PC connected to your company's server to use this service. Check with your company's IT manager for possible firewall restrictions and the Sprint PCS Service Plans Guide for pricing.

                    Connect to your personal edition with the following:

                    Palm PoweredTM and Windows-enabled Sprint PCS Vision Smart Devices
                    PCs with Internet access
                    Many WAP-enabled Sprint PCS Phones
                    * Sprint, the diamond logo design, Sprint PCS VisionSM, Picture MailSM, and Sprint PCS Business Connection are trademarks of Sprint Communications Company, L.P. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

                    Back to Sprint PCS Vision

                    It's only $5/month. Couldn't I get this service and then legally use it for my "mobile" PC or Home PC for internet thru the phone?


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                      From what I understand, Vision provides the web/messaging accessability.

                      I cant find Business Connect for $5... I see Business Connect alone for $10 or with Vision for $20.