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PHX, AZ Access Points?

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  • PHX, AZ Access Points?

    Hey guys, I'm on vacation right now, where in PHX are there some good wireless access points I Can hit up to send some emails and contact some people...I barly just got my dial up to work, but I would rather have all availible connections known in PHX for when I'm cruising around.

    BTW, describe place, address.


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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Not from PHX, but this works in most cities.

      Just park in any nice middle class neighborhood and you can usually find more AP's than you need. Works in most places. Really rich neighborhoods have secure systems and really poor neighborhoods dont have wireless. Middle class is your best bet.
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        I believe that Circle-K Conveinience stores have them.
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          For reals? I need it...the stupid phone line in my room only accepts 26kb MAX!!! which sucks. I know driving down I17 I got a few connections from circuit city and some other places. But that was like a ways away from the building, up on the freeway.
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            When I was on vacation in Phenix last month, I found open wifi networks in upscale apartment complexes.
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