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  • Which service is better?

    I am looking into getting a wireless card for my laptop and would like to know the general concensous of everyone out there. I live in the the Detroit area and do alot of traveling on the water. Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated no matter where you live. Which service is better in your area and why do you think so?? Thank you in advace to everyone who voices their opinion.

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    I would go with tmobile just because I already have the service and all but if I had to pick from scratch I would stick to tmobile check on there website they have a signal strength thingie where u enter ur address and it shows how it is around ur area and its really accurate I would post up the link but I'm posting from my sidekick sitting inclass ;-) damn teacher was like get off that pointless forum when I was using the pc so I hit my side kick hehe


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      Cingular EDGE / Sony GC83 card is alright... in metro areas, its great! up too 3x GPRS. My service is great when it works -- but when its down, its down hard.

      Second choice would be Nextel via USB/Serial cable. Pings are higher, but service is generally steady. Maybe a lost packet here and there, but not as bad as Cingular.

      Nextel Unlimited ~ 60USD month.
      Cingular Unlimited ~80USD month.

      +a f'n 9/11, E911, and other wireless phone taxes.


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        My girlfriend researched prices and plans a few months ago and found t-mobile to be best in terms of price...but her reception sucks in a lot of places that my reception is fine...I've never really had bad reception (except of course, inside buildings occasionally). I have sprint.
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          I am using the tmobile wireless card and although it is only around dial up speed, it is very econimical and seems to work without fail. I added that to my existing tmobile service so I dont have to pull the sim from my phone to make it work, and it only costs $10 more a month over swapping the sim. They dont charge minutes, its unlimited access and mine is left on all day long at work. It is also nice that the Ericsson card that I got with my service is also a 802.11b card, so you can choose the fastest service/dock it in your garage/etc. I would recommend it to others.
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