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What would you say is the ultimate wifi setup?

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  • What would you say is the ultimate wifi setup?


    Im currently planning a wifi setup for my car.
    But i want some tips and advice from you guys.


    What would you say is the ultimate wifi setup in your car?
    Everthing from usb/pcmcia/pci cards, antennas, best looking antenna, hiden antenna vs big antenna etc....

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      If you have room for a full hight pci card then grab an 802.11g card. If you dont have alot of room (like me) then definitly go with a usb 802.11g adaptor. With the adaptor you can keep the system small and the adaptor can be pulled out quickly if needed. The usb one you can also make a nice cheap directional antenna out of a wire mesh strainer.


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        It's probably not the ultimate solution, but it'll be good enough for me....

        PCMCIA Card:


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          I thought about doing a pcmcia card but the usb ones just seem easyer and end up giving you a cheaper sultion if space is a big concern.

          Here is a link to the DIY cookware antennas for the usb adaptors.


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            My PCI WiFi card causes the processor to go 100% every 2-3 minutes and you get a skip in the music. How do I know? Because when you remove it, there's no skips or processor spikes. The USB ones don't cause that problem.
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              Same with PC Card/PCMCIA Wifi adapters, they make my music crackle when trying to connect.

              USB seems the way to go
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                I have :

                Orinocco Gold 80211.b PCMCIA ( on epia MII slot )
                Airlink USB 80211.g dongle

                I can use one or both through WinC which I have on a tab in CentraFuse.

                They both have their pros/cons..

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