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wwan(wireless wide area network)-portable hotspot. MUST READ

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  • wwan(wireless wide area network)-portable hotspot. MUST READ

    i did a quick search in these forums and didnt come across this so ill post.

    okay i was reading through a cell phone forum and came across this:

    its a wwan(wireless wide area network) box(you have to make it yourself though). its a box you plug into the cigg port and it automatically logs into verizons evdo(broadband access) network. you then connect your device to it and you have a mobile hotspot.

    sounds like it could be very very usefull in a carputer setup.
    my wish list:

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    Wow, that is awesome. I've gotta learn Linux.
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      You could do the same with a CarPC that has a PCMCIA port and an ethernet port, plus a wireless access point.

      Basically, get the VZW card, and get some sort of PCMCIA port. Get the card running with your PC. If you have XP, turn on the Internet Connection sharing with your wired ethernet port. Go to the properties of the VZW connection and go to Advanced, and click 'Share this connection'.

      Get a crossover cable and a WiFi access point (not a router, just an access point), and connect from the ethernet port to the access point. Voila!

      I'll probably do something like this. Not to mention working a 10/100 hub into the car. Just for those random in-car LAN games.