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HandsFree with T610. WinXP OK. Phoco KO. Some advice?

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  • HandsFree with T610. WinXP OK. Phoco KO. Some advice?

    I have tried a lot of things:

    Very old drivers for my bluetooth (widcom 1.4.x). The computer takes the call automatically instead of asking me. All the rest works fine (without Phoco).

    New drivers (widcom 4.1.7x). The computer tells me that someone is calling. Tells me the number or its name (great). I accept the call and all works fine, but I can't close the comunication by PC (not a big problem, just wait to the other to close it).

    I have isntalled the Phoco old versión (the freeware) and it reads the contact list, SMS... all ok. It tells me when there is an incoming call and I accept it. BUT, I can talk through the microphone (but it receives a very low signal), and I don't hear anithing in the computer speakers.

    I have tried connecting first the voiceGateWay and then the serial comunication without success.

    I still have to try with the new

    Only two questions:
    1.- Do you know wich is the problem with Phoco?
    2.- Do yo know how to make the windows dialogs appear in front of Roar Runner? The typical yellow box wich appers down-right when connecting a new USB device.

    Thanks for all