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    Hi all.
    Is there any way to use my nokia ngage with pccar? (another soft, or perhaps using winxp directly)

    I tried phonecontrol, last version, and, yes, it + or - works, but is a bad option i think. My AMD 2800 processor goes slow when phonectrl is loaded, and system hangs at times, and there's no way to close it using ctr-alt-sup; at times phoco not start at first try and if not, you must reboot the pc; at times i can't hang the call.. etc (i think this isn't a software to be sold too, it still have too much bugs)

    I tried winxp dial-up too, and works, but is a hard way to call while you are driving xD

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    Phone Control is normally very stable, and shouldn't be causing problems on a 2800 processor. It runs fine on my EPIA M10K which is only a 1Ghz CPU. I think you should ask Zorro to have a look at your log file, he may be able to determin what the problem is.

    Give PhoneControl a chance, it's a class bit of software.

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      Then, if you are right is a problem on my system.

      I will try phonecontrol on another pc, to see what happen, and if the problem is the same, i will try to ask zorro.
      But... is there no more ways to use the phones in our carpc than phonecontrol???


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