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Bluetooth daisy chains?

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  • Bluetooth daisy chains?

    I couldn't think of a better title...

    I have a Motorola V600 that only pairs with one device at a time. I currently have one of those cool (or stupid, depending on your tastes) bluetooth earpieces that works like a champ, and I would like to continue to use this. I would also like to use over bluetooth. So here's my thought: it SEEMS like you can use the bluetooth earpiece as a bluetooth microphone / speaker on a PC - but this is something I'm a little confused on. If this IS possible, could I connect the phone to on the PC via bluetooth and connect my bluetooth headset to the PC (rather than to the phone) to speak/hear to/from the phone via the PC?

    That would be awesome. Anyone messed with this?

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    The question is how will voice information travel from your computer to the phone? PhoCo will already have an open connection to the phone. How will voice information travel when there is an open connection already?

    And the answer to your topic question is YES!! Bluetooth is an incredibly flexible standard. A bluetooth device can be a slave, master or whatever it needs to be at any point in time when it's connected to any number of piconets.


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      When I connect to my phone it gives me a few services, one is called, I think, something like an "Audio Gateway". I assume this will let what would be coming out of the phone's speaker come out of my carPC's speaker and same for the mic. With that in mind, if I connect the bluetooth headset to my computer, it would act as a mic & speaker for my computer. That way my phone would be outputting to my speakers which would be my headset, and my mic would be inputting to the phone, which would also be my headset. No idea, just seems like it would work. I installed the trial version of last night and I can get my phonebook, I can dial, etc. I did not have a microphone or speakers hooked up, however.


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        Hey! Any news with this? I have the same phone with same limitations but would like a BT headset. Progress?? thanks
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